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Jill Sanders

It is so weird to sit down and write a paragraph on yourself and try to be humble, funny, intelligent, yet still offer what people want to read. I don't know, I am me. I am an individual who is at times just like you and at other times off the track. I have always been an artist regardless of what I was doing to make money. I painted initially as I started my early college years at Otis/Parsons. I found that I just liked gear and electronics too much to stick with just paint. The sound of the shutter is very seductive. The grip has the same appeal as driving a convertible 'vette.
I ended up moving to NYC to graduate from Parson's School of Design. I was in a class of 8 students from around the globe who have all succeeded with their art. I was mentored by the great Lillian Bassman, Mary Ellen mark, and David Vestal. It was a special, creative, amazing, gritty, life expanding time to love/live in NYC in 1989.
I then traveled to Europe after graduation to experience the unplugged existence of backpacking and hostels. 34 countries in 3 months. I have some connections with people that I knew for a few days that have had a greater impact on me than peers I have worked with for years. I recommend all people in their 20s to travel, to experience, to feel,to love,to live.
Your teachers exist every day along your path. Learn to really listen.

I returned home to discover I had an epidermoid brain tumor lodged in my head. I was 28 and life really did a full 180 at this point. I lost a lot of confidence and battled with anxiety for years. I did make a full recovery from surgery and I started my first non-profit called, Creative Block Removed.  I try to give back to artists who battle tumors and whose lives may become paused due to complications and physical hurdles.

I am now 52 years old (AHHHH!) and with the rushing tides of hormones, I also feel the rushing surges of creative energy. I really can not explain it, but I need to create. I need to travel and photograph. I feel the incredible tools that I have at my disposal finally give my visions the freedom to run.  Adobe is a gift from above and I cherish the fact that these applications work as fast as my mind does. I pre-visualize and literally the same day I can shoot, process, edit and publish what I felt.

I shoot with a Nikon D850.  Lens...14, 24-70-, 70-200, 600

I have an incredible family who support me and encourage me to follow my love. I am so lucky. I love what I do.