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Anton Nemeth

Porcelain Art

“Though my output is limited, I am privileged to have my work placed in many parts of North America, Europe, and recently India. I am honored to have my multimedia creations here in this prestigious gallery alongside images which I considers to be of the highest artistic quality in terms of perception, expression, and composition.”

These one-of-a-kind pieces are the result of 14 or more steps in the production process. Each is fabricated from paste porcelain, and after firing is airbrushed with modified automotive colorants and clear coated. Thus, each one is both a sculpture and a painting. They have been included in the prestigious Daimler Chrysler Permanent Collection, among others. When available, they have been given by discerning individuals as valued wedding, anniversary, and special occasion gifts. To possess one of his creations is to have an object of art which is unique and worthy of note.

Anton lives and creates in Diamond Springs, California.

Jill Sanders Gallery is the sole outlet for Mr. Nemeth.

"The seeming fragility of this work is a deliberate illusion" ~ A. Nemeth