At the present time, I am old school as far as purchasing my images on line. All images are for sale but you either have to email me,  call me directly or if local, come in to Gallery JS..which is cool! I like for you to get to know me a bit and for me to help you choose sizing and framing for your environment.

I print 90% on dye infused metal. The process is like no other and presents my work as how I see it. People ask me all the time whether the image is back lit. It seriously emits a depth like no other process.

Metal prints are in limited editions of series of 50.

Pricing includes a brushed metal floating frame. Images can be ordered with or without a frame.

Gallery JS  1733 So. Catalina Ave Redondo Beach, Ca 90274

11 x 14          -215 No frame includes hanger.
16 x 24        -865     
20 x 30     -1200
30 x 45      -2700
34 x 50      -3400
40 x 60     -4800

72x48        -7200

Number 6-10 of any edition of 50 are 20% greater in cost. 2-5 is 25% greater in cost and 1/50 is 30% greater in cost. For example: 30x40 would  cost $2700 for any edition from 11-50.

6-10 would cost $3250.

2-5 would cost $3375. 

1/50 would cost $3510

Last image sold of any series is 300% the original series price.



Please contact me at either or text/call at 310.918.1965 or come by

Gallery JS 1733 So. Catalina Ave Redondo Beach Ca 90277

Thank you for your smiles.